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Goddess *floral bath* recipe inside

Posted by Robyn Savage on

Hi Goddess, 
Chances are you've seen a pretty pic of a floral bath on your social media feed before and wondered, "who in the flying f**k has time to put flowers in their bath!??" For real though. 
I used to think the same thing. 
Until I just really wanted to try one. And then I did, and I loved it SO much, I made it a weekly ritual with my daughter - who now loves them even more than I do! 
I recently posted a poll on our Instagram stories to see if you were interested in getting the recipe/how to create your own perfect floral bath, and of course, you all said YES PLEASE! (Except, like three of you who thought it was gross.) #nojudgementhere
Okay, so here it is... 
My go-to floral bath recipe!!!
1. Collect wild flowers. I collect roses off wild rose bushes. They're going to fall to the ground anyways...so use them! No one will be mad at you, I promise. Just don't steal them from your neighbours garden. 
FAQ: What flowers should I use? 
  • Dried roses relaxation properties and they work to refresh your skin
  • Dried dandelions rejuvenate your skin
  • Dried linden flowers help prevent colds and soothes stress & anxiety 
  • Dried lavender is soothing, hydrating, and calms redness. I use this always for before bed baths....#sweetdreams
  • Dried chamomile promotes sleep, boosts immunity, and soothes a tummy ache
2. Fill the bath with warm-hot water. While the water is still running add 1/2 cup of Epsom salts
FUN FACT: Epsom salts have incredible health & beauty benefits, including: reducing muscle pain, reducing inflammation, and increasing your body's level of magnesium and sulfate), which most of us are naturally deficient in! 
3. Add aromatherapy or therapeutic oils of your choice! I often use Forgive, Balance, or Lavender by Doterra because they are my favourite. Remember, each oil holds different properties and will have various effects on your mood, hormones, and energy levels! You can switch up the type of oil you use for each bath depending on the time of day, how you're feeling, etc. 
FUN FACT: Your bath will smell like a unicorn fart once you get to this stage....#puremagic. 
4. Once the bath is full, add your flowers! I usually add about 1.5 cups of mixed, dried, colourful blooms! 
HOT TIP: If you're having this bath with a toddler or kiddo (like I usually am), get them to help add the flowers! It's the best. But be cautious. One time my daughter dropped the (ahem, GLASS) jar filled with flower petals and it smashed everywhere. Yes, into the bath water. Don't make the same mistake I did #liveandlearn. 
5. Add crystals. You can place crystals along the edge of your bathtub, aligned with your head, stomach, and hips to stimulate your crown, solar plexus, and root chakra. You can also place crystals in the tub with you to set a beautiful intention for the water (example: "Sacred water, thank you for hydrating my skin and preparing me for a restful sleep."
TRUTH: I put crystals everywhere. In the water, all around me....as they are incredible for shifting and clearing negative energy and grounding our beings! Also powerful for manifesting and calling in miracles if you like to meditate or connect with your intuition while you're in the water. 
6. Before you get in.....set the mood! Put music on. Light candles. Turn the fluorescent lights off. Get a towel prepped for a warm exit. Open the window. You can bring a book if that feels aligned, or just simply...relax. This is for YOU. 
Truly enjoy this time, and thank yourself for this beautiful act of self love. 
OH! And I almost forgot...
7. CLEAN UP! The most important (and potentially annoying) part if you don't get it right!! I use a small net to collect the flower petals from the water BEFORE I pull the plug. Gather them all up and toss them into the compost. If you let the water drain and leave the petals in the bath, they will get stuck EVERYWHERE and dry to your bathtub. I did this once. It was almost as bad as the broken glass scenario. 
Okay, officially, that's all! 
I hope you love these baths as much as I do, and that they become a part of your weekly or monthly self care ritual! This a good thing to practice - the art of taking the time to love and care for yourself. 
It's a beautiful thing, with an even more gorgeous outcome. One of self worth, increased compassion, reduced heart rate, increased confidence, connection to spirit, and all the rest one bath can bring. 
Of course, it's not all about the bath. 
It's about YOU choosing YOU. 
We love you, time you go love yourself too Goddess, xo. 
Big Monday manifesting & magic, 

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Goddess Floral Bath

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