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Femme Feature: Alex Mazerolle

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Babes! It’s the best day of the week, Femme Feature day! And this week were girl crushing HARD on the beautiful and vibrant Alex Mazerolle (@allymaz). Alex is a West Coast Canadian girl living in Brooklyn, NY, by way of the jungles of Central America. She is the founder two inspiring businesses that are devoted to creating safe space for teen girls and women to discover, nourish and love themselves. She is a teacher of the real, a bringer of joy and a holder of space.

Tell us about Ladyvana and Girlvana… What inspired you/what was your vision?

I started Girlvana when I was 24 with the desire to go back and heal myself as a teen girl. At that point I had been practicing yoga for 5 years and I felt like if only I had this at fourteen years old. So I created a yoga retreat for teen girls that summer and started leading classed at local high schools, community centres and eating disorder programs. Since then Girlvana has expanded into a globally licensed program where I train other women to lead teen girls in their communities and cities, a publishing deal to write the Girlvana book (due out 2019) and classes and workshops all over the world.

Ladyvana came a few years later when I realized the work I was doing with teens was also what us women needed. Ladyvana is a retreat where women come together to talk about what's really going on in their life. We practice yoga, write, take time to reflect in nature and most importantly use the power of conversation to discover, let go and connect deeply.

The intention behind the two are the same- to make females feel safe to open up, to feel less alone and to reclaim their power.


When do you feel most connected and in flow?

Always by or in water- could be an ocean swim or surf, a hot bath, time by the river or even a shower to reset myself and start fresh.

What do you do to get back to this when life gets crazy?

I write my heart out- pages and pages of what feels stuck, hard, sad and bad. I'll take bath, crawl into bed, pray and try again tomorrow.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Slow down! I've spent the last decade burning the candle at both ends. In that time I have created brands and businesses that I am wildly proud of, however it feels like the correct time for me to slow my roll and take stock of where I am at. I am releasing my sense of urgency and it feels good (and weird!)

What is your favourite quote?

"close your eyes, fall in love, stay there." -rumi

To learn more about Alex’s amazing retreats and initiatives head over to https://www.ladyvana.com and https://www.girlvanayoga.com



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