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Femme Feature: Amber Joliet

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This weeks STUNNING Femme Feature babe is the inspiring and talented Toronto native, Amber Joliet. Amber is the founder of the magical MISFITSTUDIO, a movement studio that blends dance, pilates and yoga to music. “I call it powerful transformative movement, intentional movement to help you remember YOU.” Amber and MISFITSTUDIO are undergoing a huge change at the moment, as they say goodbye to their Queen Street location. We are so excited to be shining the spotlight on the incredible misfit community she has created.

Amber was nominated by one of her beautiful team members, Trilby. And the only thing we love more than celebrating women? Helping women celebrate the goddesses in their life! We asked Trilby a few questions to dive into why Amber is such a light in her life and why she wanted to nominate her.

Why did you nominate Amber?

Amber's love and wisdom has touched so many hearts, including my own. She is an absolute force: soft yet strong, wild, yet full of grace. She has been my greatest mentor to me over the past year – teaching me to get curious with fear, DANCE through it, and see what's on the other side. When you're taking her class, she makes you fall in love with your body and movement; a feeling of being free while grounded, lit up while creating a deep connection with yourself.

What is the most inspiring thing about Amber?

She is not afraid of fear or showing her vulnerability, and fiercely follows her intuition. She offers deep, soul-touching wisdom and guidance that is so beautifully peppered with her own experiences and learnings. She practices what she preaches through and through. Amber has built the MISFITSTUDIO community from her heart – it's never been about following trends or doing things because she "should"; it's authentic, welcoming, empowering and sacred, and has been since day one. And, witnessing her move and teach in front of class is a truly magical experience – you can't help but feel the joy of movement!


It is nearly impossible to not fall in LOVE with this beauty…. Ambers words and spaces have inspired so many people in the city of Toronto and we are so happy to be able to share her story with you! We hope you are as inspired as we are!


How did you start Misfitstudio?

2010 I had been teaching dance//yoga//pilates for over 10 years ALL over toronto and hadn’t found my “home”.
so, I built it.
A home for my method of movement to thrive, where transformative relationships to self, source and community could grow.
A home for the physical, emotional and energetic body to explore greater depths.
Where music was played loud
and laughing and sweating and crying was encouraged.
Where the celebration of what the body CAN do occurs in each class.
The growth has been tremendous, and it continues each day.

What does the community you’ve created mean to you?

We are all the same.
but different.
but the same.
The magnetic pull is powerful.
Misfits have curious minds and open hearts and are seeking belonging, craving connection.  
That is the pull, and it attracts the most wild and inspiring and wonderful humans I’ve ever known.
Relishing in the high vibration of family.
The misfits are FAMILY.
Teachers and students.
Students and teachers.
We are one.
We SEE each other and celebrate each other’s uniqueness in this crazy world.

You are undergoing a change of spaces at the moment with the closure of your Queen Street location, how do you approach such big changes with ease? Especially something as difficult as saying goodbye to your studios home?

It’s not easy.
Change is uncomfortable.
Transformation is occurring
and as full of potential as it is,
it’s also difficult.
How do I stay optimistic?
Daily practice of what I preach!!!
Remembering my strength so I can move gracefully through tough times.
I call it dancing through the highs and lows of life.
Change is constant,
this life and everything in it is impermanent, we KNOW this, yet resist it.
Diving deeper into trust and faith that change in this moment in time is for a reason.
Growth, expansion, evolution,
just as we do as humans.
One breath, one beat, one day at a time.
I can crawl inside myself, slow my breath, calm my heart
my mantra on repeat

What is your dream for the future of Misfits?

We’re dreaming BIG,
the expansion plan is wild.
I see this time as the sacred pause.
Cocoon phase,
where creation lives.
Once there is enough strength,
breaking out into new space (s) will feel so exciting and liberating and freeeee.
More of everything! More studios, more teacher trainings, more retreats, more online videos!!!!!!!!!

What is one item you cannot live without and why?

A cherished piece of amber.
I was named after it,
my father wore it around his neck.

What do you love to do in your free time?

Be quiet.
Be still.
Feed my soul.
Long walks to intentionally observe nature.
Painting, drawing, reading, writing.
A romantic evening with my husband.
I love to cook meals and invite friends over.

What fills your cup up?

(art is everywhere)

What is your favourite quote?

"I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget
how you made them feel."
~Maya Angelou

You can keep up with Amber on Instgram at @theamberj and check out the MISFIT stuido on Instagram at @misfitstuido 



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