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Femme Feature: Amie Annis

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Meet this week’s amazing Femme Feature, Amie Annis (@amieislove). She is a postpartum empowerment coach, and one of our amazing biz clients! Amie is a mountain mama and a true hippie who dances through life to the beat of her own drum. After struggling and feeling disconnected during her own postpartum experience, she knew it was her calling to help support other new mamas navigate this unchartered territory. She is an advocate for pregnant and postpartum women and fiercely passionate about honest motherhood. 

Amie is a HUGE inspiration and we absolutely ADORE her. We are so so excited to share her story. So without further ado...

Meet Amie!


Tell us about yourself!

I’m a hippie mama living in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina.

I love live music, mountain drives, and you can find me most afternoons sitting on my front porch surrounded by a group of my closest friends (probably with a glass of champagne).

Where I live lights me up with its beauty: not just the breathtaking mountain views but the beauty of its people! I moved here 14 years ago and instantly felt home. This city celebrates the uniqueness in others and I feel free to be my authentic self whether that looks like doing cartwheels in the park, dying my hair blue at age 32, or wearing a carebear onesie to the grocery store!

I'm an advocate for better care for pregnant and postpartum women and fiercely passionate about honest motherhood, and how a lack of “perfection” doesn't make you a bad mother. I want to end comparison and encourage connection in motherhood to create a safe, nurturing space and community for women to share the trials and joys of postpartum fully and honestly without shame or embarrassment.

I met my twin flame, Sam, in the summer of 2015, and we celebrated the birth of our child, Jude, last April. Jude coming into my life broke it wide open. Before he entered my world, I felt lost as to what I was meant to do with my life. I’d pursued an education in ALL the topics. I studied English, Accounting, Business, Marketing. But nothing seemed to fit, nothing LIT ME UP! I knew I was meant to make a difference in this world but how?

My first few months of the postpartum experience were riddled with anxiety, depression, doubt, and fear. I loved Jude so much but I felt disconnected from him, stuck somewhere between my old life of socializing and always chasing the next adventure and my new life of staying home and being a full-time caretaker to a tiny being who needed my constant attention. In the midst of these feelings, I realized I didn't want anyone else to feel the way I did. That our postpartum healthcare and mental healthcare in the United States was failing mommas. I didn't know how yet, but I knew I HAD to help.


How did you get started with postpartum empowerment coaching? 

I had been interested in life coaching for the past several years. For as long as I can remember countless friends, acquaintances and sometimes strangers have come to me for advice or support. I love connecting with and encouraging others, but I kept ignoring my calling to empowerment due to fears and doubts of “Who am I to be doing this?”

During my pregnancy, I began to notice how women's needs are often overlooked or even neglected as healthcare in the US in very baby focused. This frustrated me, and my frustration only grew postpartum as I reached out for support from my midwives and therapists only to have my calls rarely returned, if at all. It felt to me that now that I was no longer a vessel for this miracle of life, that I was easily disregarded and ignored.

I decided to become a Postpartum Empowerment Coach in January of this year after completing an online challenge for healers and coaches. This challenge encouraged me to show up and do what I can where I am, and my business Amie is Love was born!

Postpartum Empowerment Coach is a title I came up with to describe what I do, which is: love postpartum women into their greatness! I help them get clear on their goals, dreams, and desires for their new life as a mother and together we design a plan of action to get them unstuck from the postpartum mire of overwhelm and see these dreams come to life!

You have an AMAZING new course, Birth of a Mother, launching this week, tell us about it!!

Soon after Jude was born, I heard the quote “When a baby is born, so is a mother.” And it stuck with me and comforted me. I realized “hey, I’m brand new in this world too. We’re learning together. I’m a newborn mother”.

My course Birth of a Mother is basically the workbook I wish someone had handed me after the birth of my son. My course is a six-week self-study that covers birth story processing, building your postpartum village, what your body needs postpartum to recover and thrive, bonding with your new baby and navigating changes in your family unit, and ditching comparison and mom guilt so you can build a postpartum life that supports actually supports you the WOMAN, not just you the mother!

In this course you get journal prompts, mantras, and meditation to inspire and support you, as well as access to a private Facebook community of other mamas to connect and network with, and a BONUS 1:1 coaching call upon the course completion, to design a plan of action for reaching your goals and showing up in your life the way you desire!

It launches Friday, May 17th and I am so excited to connect with other mams and support them through one of the most magical and challenging transitions in their lives, becoming a mom!


What is it about the work you do that lights you the EFF UP? 

What lights me up is when I hear from other mamas, saying “Thanks for sharing, I feel the same way!” or “I needed to hear that!” Because that's what it's about right?! Connecting, sharing, knowing we’re in this together! It helps me gain confidence as a mother hearing that I'm not alone and it feels SO GOOD to know that my experiences painful or joyful can offer support and value for someone else. If I can aid in any way in helping another mama step into her truth and feel seen and heard that’s the best feeling in the world.


What was a moment of pure MAGIC that surprised you the most on this journey?

To me, it's MAGICAL that this course was an idea in my head less than a year ago, and now its a reality. It's also MAGICAL that I wanted to work with Rob and Jak since I first thought of wanting to start a business for women and I was able to manifest the money to join their Kickstarter program at the EXACT right time. It started with a $7 investment in their Queen of Abundance workshop last summer and since saying yes to myself that first time my life has changed so much it's almost unrecognizable.

Saying yes to my worth and my desires have led me to so much MAGIC that it's honestly hard to name just one thing about the experience!


Who is the biggest source of inspiration in your life?

My biggest source of inspiration in my life is hands down my son, Jude. If I want him to grow up believing he is worthy of his heart’s desires and can be whoever and whatever he wants to be, I have to show him how it's done. I have an obligation to be true to myself and go after my dreams and desires and lead by example!


If you could give your 20 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

 My 20-year-old self was dealing with a lot of loss and change: my parent's divorce, my mother’s mental breakdown, the loss of my scholarship in college, living 4 hours away from my sister, so I’d tell her: 

“I know you feel like you're drowning and everything you used to know is gone. I know you don't understand why this is happening to you. That's because it’s not happening to you, it's happening FOR you. All these experiences are molding you into a woman far greater than you ever imagined you could be. Just hang on sweetie. Summon your belief and strength and hold on to it. You're gonna be happier than your wildest dreams.”


What is your favourite quote?

 “To thine ownself be true.” -William Shakespeare


Keep up with Amie on instagram at @amieislove, and find her AMAZING new eCourse Birth of a Mother, Here!

BIG Love,

The GirlTribe Crew

P.S. Know a Goddess up to amazing things in this world? We want to know about her too! Email us about her inspiring work at inspire@thegirltribe.com

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