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Femme Feature: Amy Allchurch

Posted by Jaclyn Shaw on

It’s the best day of the week, Femme Feature time! This week we are shining the spotlight on one of our AMAZING biz coaching clients, Amy Allchurch!

Amy is a a mama of two little babes, Layla and Lucy, and has been married to her man for (almost) 6 years! She is originally from London, ON and after spending about 8 years living in the GTA she has happily made the move back to her hometown. She is basically a Cali girl living in canada, she LOVES sushi, the sun, the beach and the water. She is an Energetic Biz Strategist specializing in Personal Alignment + Human Design Expert (wtf right)!?!??!  

We love this babes energy, and we can’t wait for you to fall in love with her as well!

Tell us about alignment coaching and how you got started?

Sooooo I got started on my OWN journey! Deep down I always KNEW I was made and meant for more in this world. I started exploring and realized I needed to do my own soul searching. I hired a local Life Coach and it just solidified what I was feeling. I then hired Jak and Rob as biz coaches and throughout that process I was like...SO MANY PEOPLE NEED TO FUZE SOUL AND BIZ...which is where my own Coaching career bloomed!

I've evolved SO much in such a little amount of time, as has my biz. I allow lots of room for growth and never get stuck in a definition and always allow to grow with my soul!

I fell in love with Human Design this year and it's changed my life and added such impact to my biz!

It's literally the instructions and directions of how we are meant to be, make decisions and live with the least amount of resistance and the most....alignment! I deeply crave ALL things in my life to be as simple as possible, so major win!

I use this as a critical strategy with my clients, and it helps them step into their authentic power with clarity! We do a lot of soul and energy work (the unsexy stuff) + integrate strategy with it = the magic potion to magnetize dream clients and money with ease!


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received when it comes to growing you biz?

I can't pick one!!!!

  1. To surrender + trust (it was my biggest challenge)!
  2.  What works for them, might not work for me! (seriously life changing when you understand this)!
  3. Always seek support! (as a projector this is so essential for my success)!

What was your biggest lesson in growing your biz?

The more radiant my aura is, the more abundance I experience. So the more I take care of ME and the more decisions I make that make ME happy, the happier those around me are, the more success THEY have and the more ease I have in my life. This was a hard lesson because I have always been the person to give to everyone else and forget about myself. Making sure I'm taken care of and a priority has shifted everrrrrrything!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Flying. Def. flying. To get anywhere in seconds would be amazing! Cali here I come (for the day)!!!

What is your favourite quote?

I honestly don't have one! I used to have quotes written all over the place and would live by them when I was younger but now I feel like there's SO many that speak to me, depending on the day!

You can keep up with Amy and all her biz alignment magic on Instagram at @thebabesquad.co!

BIG Love,

The GirlTribe Crew

P.S. Know a Goddess up to amazing things in this world? We want to know about her too! Email us about her inspiring work at inspire@thegirltribe.com


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  • This post gave me MAJOR vibes and goosebumps!!! So inspired!

    Jess Dubeau on
  • This post gave me MAJOR vibes and goosebumps!!! So inspired!

    Jess Dubeau on

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