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Femme Feature: Danielle Mercurio

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This weeks Femme Feature may be spiritual but she aint no saint! We want to introduce your to the spiritual badass Danielle Mercurio! Danielle Mercurio is paving the way for self-help and spirituality to be recognized as a sustainable force within a modern society. As a confidence coach & speaker, meditation teacher, and astrologist, she empowers entrepreneurs & individuals to be successful, intentional, and live life on purpose.  

She is known for being real, lots of laughs, captivating storytelling, and unfiltered advice. Danielle draws upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving her Corporate "safety net" behind to build a booming business and live a life she's in constant awe of.

Danielle has spoken across the country, inspiring people back into their greatness by igniting their truth. She also is at the forefront of bringing comedy into the self-help space, with her one woman stand-up show, "Does This Make Me Look Spiritual?" and podcast series, "Curiously Confident". She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, reality TV, and being in the present moment. Danielle is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.

We love this hilarious spirit bombshell, and asked her a few of our burning questions!

How did you get started in astrology? What tips/tools do you recommend for any goddess wanting to dive deeper into it!

Astrology found me at a super young age! I was in the grocery store with my Mom when I saw a little scroll about being a Leo. I was so drawn to it and I asked my Mom if she could buy it, she immediately said no so when she turned around I put it in my pocket! Ever since I would hide out in the library or new age section of the bookstore learning everything I could. I viewed Astrology like a psychology and it was my way to understand myself and others.

I recommend learning about all 12 signs of the Zodiac before you do any further digging. You may be surprised when you open up your birth chart how many other signs are in there! I like Linda Goodman's Sun Signs or Love Signs books for this. I also recommend syncing deeper into your Moon sign. This is the part of you that is deeply connecting to your emotions and feminine essence. From there, start to play with the Moon phases and take note when it falls into your personal Moon sign as you'll find more meaning and power.

What is one of the most magical events you have been apart of?

One of my favorite moments to date is the time I got to teach Kundalini Yoga with Gabby Bernstein at Kripalu. I had joined her team as a coach and she asked me to start teaching at her retreats. We did the first one together and it was BEYOND powerful. Still gives me chills!



What is your favourite moon ritual?

While setting intentions and leaving out my crystals for the moon light is wonderful, I love going even deeper. I am very into astral travel (when you leave your body and journey to other realms) and I love to cultivate my meditation to allow me to go up to the Moon ethers and see what messages are in store for me. I created my Cosmic Moon Club to help give other people the same experience too!

Where can we find you on a Sunday afternoon?

Farmer's Market, Soul Cycle.. If it's a dreary day I love to use the space to cleanse my home and prepare it for the week ahead.

Who is a Woman Warrior that inspires you?

A woman that truly inspires me is Whitney Cummings. She is a comedian and at times crass on stage however in everyday life she has the biggest heart. She really stepped up with animal rescue during the Malibu fires and also brings a lot of awareness to mental health and codependency issues. I recommend looking up interviews she's done on Podcasts to really take in what she has to offer!

What is your favourite quote?

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” -Brene Brown

You can keep up with Danielle, her astrology forecasts, and all of her badass spiritual insight on Instagram at @daniellemercurio.

BIG Love,

The GirlTribe Crew

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