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Femme Feature: Deborah Hanekamp

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This weeks Femme Feature is the incredible Mama Medicine, Deborah Hanekamp. Deborah lives in New York City with her husband, daughter, two kitties and a jungle of plants and treasures they’ve found in the nature of New York City. She offers a healing modality that she created called Medicine Readings out of her studio in Soho. These ceremonies integrate over 17 years of experience and wisdom in the healing arts. Her work blends ancient knowledge from across a variety of traditions.

Deborah is also known her for heavenly and healing ritual baths. These beautiful baths (with flowers, crystals, and herbs), along with her unique aesthetic and approachable personality, have garnered Mama Medicine tens of thousands of global followers on Instagram. Her work has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, and Marie Claire. In a world of gurus and self-help, Mama Medicine helps us connect to the inner shaman within us all: the power of love.


Light your favorite candles and get inspired by Mama Medicine!



What is a medicine reading? How were you guided towards this path of healing?

For a Medicine Reading we either meet in person or we connect online, we talk about anything you are looking to call in or clear out, then we sit together, I read your aura, I tell you what I see in your energy that could be hidden talents and gifts or things that could be holding you back. Then you lay down on a crystal bed and I facilitate a healing ceremony for you with scent, sound and energy work.

I have always been very spiritually inclined and that led me to getting started on this path at a very young age. I stuck with it because I believed it was the path the was meant for me.

What advice do you have for any babes curious about healing practices?

You don’t have to “become a healer” in order to help yourself and others heal. Be a person who loves. Healing is an ever evolving verb, rather than a finite noun. But most importantly: be your own healer and others will feel that peace and calm radiate off of you and then they will be guided to be their own healer



You create the most incredible and inspiring ritual baths, what is your favourite ritual bath recipe to feel connected to your inner goddess?

This is my go to  Ritual Bath for when I feel I need to ground, recharge my energy and reconnect to myself.

Ingredients you will need: Chlorophyll, cedar & labradorite combined with my brand new Ritual Bath Kit, Bath by Deborah Hanekamp.

The Ritual: Cleanse aura with smoke of Palo Santo, step into Bath, dunk head, come up taking deep inhales and exhaling a “ha” sound at least 11 times, sit and soak in the magic you’ve created.

What is your favourite quote?

“And still, after all this time,

The sun never says to the earth,

"You owe Me."

Look what happens with

A love like that,

It lights the Whole Sky.”


You can keep up with Deborah, get epic bath inspiration, and learn more about healing on her Instagram @mamamedicine


BIG love,

The GirlTribe Crew

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