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Femme Feature: Dev Brooks

Posted by Robyn Savage on

This week we are launching GirlTribe Femme Features! Each week we’ll will be shining the spotlight on badass babes making their mark on the world - in their own unique & beautiful way. Our hope in showcasing the depths of feminine capability and power, is that it inspires you to do what these women have done: step into their purpose with all their might to live in fullness & roar their truth 🦁

This week our Femme is the crazy inspiring Dev Brooks who’s new app Sphere just launched in beta! Dev is a Sea to Sky mama of two, co-founder of Blow Dry Bar, the CEO of the coaching app Sphere, and a social justice advocate.

Dev & her team have been working hard to create this amazing new coaching app (trust us it does NOT disappoint). It is like the Uber for coaching.

Sphere will intelligently connect you with a professionally trained coach that is best suited for you and your needs, so you can quit scrolling to find the “perfect one”. It’s a one stop shop, hitting all the pain points in accessing and delivering guidance. We are sooo excited for Dev and the launch of this revolutionary app, but truthfully, we’re even more excited for all the people it will HELP 🙌🏼

We asked Dev some Q’s, as we do all star struck and stuff 🤩 Check out her answers below:⠀

What are you most excited about right now?

I’m most excited about what I am learning. I have such an incredible, bright team they blow me away daily. Their passion, intelligence, communication and work ethic is whats making building something great possible. ⠀

Whats your source of inspiration?⠀

Nature, nature, NATURE! Getting moving outside in fresh air. Climbing. Running. Playing with my kids. It rejuvenates me.

What would you tell your 23 year old self?

Keep showing up. Keep adding value. Keep refining. And your path will continue to unfold. 

Dev’s new app has hit the App Store in beta, and is available for download through her website. Head over to @sphereishere on Insta for all the info!

BIG love!

The GirlTribe Crew

P.S. Have a badass babe in your life doing world changing things? We'd love to know about her! Send us an email at inspire@thegirltribe.com with her deets!

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