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Femme Feature: Gervase Kolmos

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Hey Goddess Babes! It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for our favourite day of the week Femme Features! This week we have a self-described batshit passionate entrepreneur and mama of two, Gervase Kolmos! Originally from Queens, NY, Gervase and her family call beautiful Charleston, South Carolina home. She is a Certified Mindset Coach for Mamas and a serial community builder both on- and offline.

Gervase is the founder of Shiny. Happy. Human. and The Champagne Society. She created Shiny. Happy. Human. over 4 years ago after she quit her corporate job and had a postpartum identity crisis. She wanted to start writing about her “human” side, as she didn’t find many people speaking honestly about the transition from normal human into mother and “I had a lot to say about it, apparently!”

The Champagne Society is an event series in Charleston for the movement of real mamas making time for themselves. And after over a year of sold-out events, they’ve rolled out virtual viewing passes so women can watch from anywhere in the world! “Inside The Champagne Society, some things always look a little different like the setting and the women being interviewed, but there are two things that you can count on being consistent: champagne (as much as you want) and an "Honest Conversation" where I interview the panelists about their season of motherhood and how it affects the other areas of their life AND the audience of 40-100 women can ask questions and engage.”

We turned the tables on this powerhouse mama, and asked her a few questions ourselves!

What was your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration - I would say this is two-fold, my first daughter, Aria, was my "maker," she helped me get out of my own way and I could no longer hide from the reality that I was not living out my full potential. Being a role model to her was the impetus for me to change careers. That being said, I think my inner wisdom/intuition is my greatest and truest source of genuine inspiration. I hear or feel the ideas for creativity in my gut and once that happens, there's no turning back. So when my cup is full and I'm taking care of myself and gifting myself space, then that inspiration is like a tap and it just flows.


What has been your biggest lesson on this journey?

My biggest lesson has been to let go of judgment - of myself and of other people (since that's just a reflection of self-judgment anyway!). So much of my pain and suffering for years was caused by the judgment of my own feelings. When I let that go, my whole life changed, and then I was able to spot that in others and help them heal that pattern, as well.

What is your favourite way to unwind and reconnect with yourself?

So I'm a big fan of a lavender epsom salt bath, but I would say this is FAR from a consistent practice. It's the one I grab at when I come up for air and suddenly realize, "oh my goodness actually I'm on fire and need to pump the breaks!" Other than that, reading and journaling or just spending some time in the sun with my kids helps me get grounded in a really beautiful and simple way.

What is your favourite quote?

"The best way out is always through."

-Robert Frost


You can keep up with Amber's incredible work in this world on Instagram @gervasekolmos.


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