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Femme Feature: Jen Sasman

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This week’s GirlTribe Femme Feature is one of our own, Jen Sasman! Jen is a member of the GirlTribe social team and a full-time adventurer. She has spent the better part of the last 10 years traveling, living and working abroad.

Jen has ticked 47 countries, 6 continents and 4 of the wonders of the world off her bucketlist. Growing up in Toronto, she has since called 8 different cities around the world home. She is passionate about personal growth, local adventures and sharing it all through words and photos. 

What is the biggest lesson you learned in 10 years of travel?

There have definitely been a few hard-learned lessons! But the biggest one I learned is to trust your instincts. This is something that has been refined through years of adventuring in less than safe countries. I travel mostly solo, and I have come to trust my instincts above all else. If your gut is screaming not to do something, LISTEN!

Everyone always asks if I am afraid to travel to some of the countries I have been to alone, but I have never once doubted myself. Solo travel is all about being super in tune with yourself. I have been robbed twice in my 10 years of travel, once in Nicaragua and once in Ecuador. And both times it occurred because I ignored my instincts and did something anyways. I was super lucky that both times all I lost was a few hundred dollars in cash. But I definitely learned my lesson. Through getting robbed I also learned I can get by with A LOT less than I think I need.


What was the key woo ingredient in manifesting your current dream job(s)?

LET GOOOOO!!! Let go, let go, let go! I completed the Spirit Course back in June and I think it was in week 2 or 3 I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to call into my life 3-6 months down the road. I was facing a huge transition after two consecutive years of backpacking and was ready to get serious about my career.

I wrote down how I wanted my dream job to feel, what things I wanted to be doing, and then I just let it go. I didn’t touch or even look at that piece of paper. When I got home, I started half-heartedly applying for jobs I thought were right for me, but nothing stuck. Until 3 months later, Robyn messaged me out of the blue asking if I wanted to join GirlTribe’s social team doing what I LOVE!

Since stepping into this new role, I have called in two more amazing clients to work with. As of last week, I officially started my transition to fully freelance and it feels amazing!! And it was all thanks to trusting my path and really letting go of the how!


If you could wish one thing for the younger generation of women growing up, what would it be?

To trust themselves. It took me years to trust and love myself wholly as I am, and it is still a learning process for me. But it is my dream that the younger generation can learn to love and appreciate all the things that makes them unique. Each one of us is put on this earth to leave our own beautiful mark, and everything we need to do so is already inside of us. 

What is your favourite quote?

“An expectation is the beginning of disappointment”

We're sooooo grateful we've got this badass babe creating STUNNING content for our GirlTribe community.

You can keep up with Jen and her travels on Instagram at @thiswayforlocals and read about all of her amazing adventures and get her travel reccs on her blog This Way For Locals.


BIG love!

The GirlTribe Crew

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