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Femme Feature: Kimberley Wenya

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This week’s Femme Feature comes to us from the beautiful land down under. Kimberley Wenya is a Manifestation and Mindset coach who bridges the gap between modern girl spirituality and the woo-woo. She lives in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia, but is jetting off to spend the rest of the year in Europe (ya we’re jealous as well).

She is all about turning dreams into reality, good coffee (practically a religion in Melbourne), travel and living a luxurious life. Hello, Queen of Pleasure alert! So grab a cup of your favourite brew, and fall in love with this high vibe Aussie babe!

What drew you into this line of work? How did you get started with Manifestation coaching?

So, I used to think that this thing called manifestation was this totally "woo-woo" thing that was creepy, old school and just downright spooky! I was this normal millennial modern girl who loved Chanel (or at least, had the dreams to own Chanel) and who likes to read Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Vogue. I always thought though, that it was way too "out there" to get into the Law of Attraction or manifestation BUT then I realized that I could create a brand that bridged the two! (This is what my brand, Kimberley Wenya, is ALL about). It's about knowing that you can be a total modern girl who loves to dress up in gold hoops and a little black dress with a Chanel backpack, yet use universal law and energetic principles to create the life you love!

The way I got started with coaching had nothing to do with manifestation at the start. I started off health coaching but what I found was that I was mainly doing mindset coaching with these women! This went on to me starting to talk about how you can co-create your reality with the universe based on your thoughts and your energy and so I began to start chatting about this on the blog... then I started the podcast (The Kimberley Wenya Podcast) and then it kept snowballing from there! I did this all whilst studying osteopathy full time (and created the business to 6 figures!)


What has been the coolest thing that you have manifested so far?

I have always said that it's been when I was coaching with Gabby Bernstein (super-successful-spiritual-thought-leader-who's-worked with-Oprah) in New York. My birthday was on the second day we were in the training! I knew NOBODY there and I remember that I wanted at least someone to kind of acknowledge it was my birthday!

I wrote in my journal in that morning what I wished would happen in the past tense (as if it had already happened). This is a concept I call "Scripting".

I wrote: "Gabby wished me a happy birthday, everyone sang me happy birthday." And even though i knew NO-ONE there, within the next hour, Gabby picked up the mic and said, "where's Kimberley?"

That second, I was like "That's me!!"

She said, "It's your birthday today!" -- and so the story goes that everyone sang me happy birthday and I got a birthday cookie (which I didn't eat because I don't eat gluten/sugar) BUT!! the whole point was that it manifested! hahaha. Up until today, I still have no idea how she knew it was my birthday!

What big dreams are you currently calling in?

Ooo I would have to say, that part of me hesitated to answer this question because the first thing I always say is that I don't like to put a certain pressure/limit on what I can call in! I often like to have a few ideas floating around but I am always expanding into the goals to see what more I can achieve. But the ones that I have floating in my head at the moment are:

  • Manifesting a 7 figure business (in the year, some people claim this over multiple years which is great! (and I would defs celebrate this) - but my goal would be to do it within the year!) The expanding goal past this would be to have a multi-seven figure business!
  • To have a bestselling book on manifestation for modern girls this year! (It's in the making!) The expanding goal past this would be to have multiple bestselling books and be a thought leader in manifestation and money mindset.

What are fave your go to morning/evening rituals?

Let's break this down!


Journaling (oh my gosh yes - this is a must): I write my heart out on anything that's on my mind, that's bothering me or inspiring me! I let it out to organise my own thoughts so I know where my headspace is at.

Meditation: I feel like everyone would be saying this but I think it's good to check in with how you feel inside! Sans the noise in your head + what you dreamed about or were told last night that's been lingering in your mind.

Affirming the f*ck out of myself: I love to go on a rampage of how amazing I know I can be/am/will be! If you have any concerns around feeling like you'll start to get a big head, don't worry - I did too, I just simply feel into the power of what I can do and be in my business and own it fomr there for the rest of the day!

An energy check in: So, following the affirming, I energetically check in with myself to check if I feel abundant, kickass, in my body - TRUE TO MYSELF! If not, I move more into this and tweak!


To be honest, I don't do too much! I mostly do stuff in the morning. But sometimes, I have a course I am doing or I read a fictional book! I'm reading Sabriel by Garth Nix at the moment which I love!

Who is a warrior woman in your life who inspires you?

I LOVE THE TERM WARRIOR WOMAN! I would have to say... I have two. My coach and mentor Amanda Frances, and Katrina Ruth. Both multimillionaires, both are kickass people I look up to and adore and am happy to call my mentors. Why? Because they taught me to rise up to be my true self + not hide anything. Including in writing my answers to these questions!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Hmmm - you know what, I actually feel like it would still be Melbourne! I feel very grounded here, am a beverage snob (we are snobby with coffee here in Melb!) and I have so many food requirements that I feel Melbourne is able to cater for (laughing emoji). But I also love the beach and there are some lovely beaches near Melbourne!

What is your favourite quote?

Ahhh - "It's not patience that's required, it's faith and belief that's required!"

This is a quote of mine which I've also found resonates with many other girls, on the basis that your manifestations and desires don't come based on you WAITING and being patient, but by having the faith and belief around them to manifest with ease! The only reason why something hasn't appeared in your reality yet is due to the resistance you have to it - and faith and belief annihilates this!

You can keep up with Kimberley on Instagram at @kimberleywenya!

BIG Love,

The GirlTribe Crew

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