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Femme Feature: Molly Grubb

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This week’s Femme Feature is Molly Grubb, an American boss babe who was nominated by one of her team! Molly was born and raised in Newark, Ohio as the youngest of 6. She now lives in Columbus with her amazing husband and their cat Harley. She runs a bike club for over 360 ladies aptly named “Chicks Gone Cycling”, loves kayaking and supporting Ohio State football or basketball. Molly owns a Financial Services company Grubb Wealth Management (@grubbdynasty on Instagram). Where she helps family business owners free up wealth in their business, their time and their money so that they too can build their own dynasty.

Molly has a pretty incredible story and we are so excited to shine the spotlight on this boss babe. Without further ado, meet Molly!


We asked Aubriana, Molly’s nominator, why she was so inspired by her boss.

I nominated Molly because she's one of the most hard-working people I know.  She is understanding, motivated, and determined to succeed - mostly to share that success with the people that she loves that surround her.  She is constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to grow and expand both as a person but as a business, which is an imperative quality for a business owner in my opinion!  We are constantly learning things together and I love it!

I look up to the fact that she is so hard-working and determined to be the best she can be for herself, for others, and for her business. It's quite admirable!”

What is it that drew you into working in financial services?

What really drew me into the financial services industry is my family and my upbringing. I was the youngest of 6 kids, and we didn’t grow up with a lot of money. My sister became fatally ill and then was miraculously healed, but due to the financial stress on my family during this time the insurance defaulted on us. We were set to lose everything, including our home.

The story about our situation was aired on a local news channel and shared that our home would be up for auction in a sheriff sale. A business owner was so touched by our story, went to the sheriff sale and bought our house back for us. He then drove over to our house with a brand new blue minivan, stuffed with 3 Mickey Mouse toys for my brothers and 3 Minnie Mouse toys for us girls and gave the keys to my dad. His unbelievable generosity changed our lives, and I knew I wanted to be able to help people in some way.

Going through all that as a young child, I knew I wanted to help family businesses build dynasty’s so they can not only protect their own family from anything like this ever happening. But also to be able to bless other families in the way that Bill blessed ours.


What was the biggest lesson you learned when starting and building your own biz?

The biggest lesson that we have learned in building our business is to be an example. When advising business owners, it is really hard to feel their pain or really understand what they are going through without actually feeling it ourselves. Pains like big economic shifts or asking “can I make payroll?”, or any of those things that keep you up at night. We try to really understand what our clients are going through. We all suffer from the same symptom of pouring everything we can into our business, I mean that’s what I do.

There is a powerful statistic that says, 80% of all small business owners have 90% of their wealth tied up in their business and that can be detrimental. I saw it first hand with my family. My parents grew their business to a multimillion-dollar business, and when it was time to leave they used the wrong buyer, the wrong experts, they treated it like a transaction rather than a process. And in the end, lost everything.

So really the biggest lessons I learned through my upbringing have lead me to being a true advocate for our clients. It is so important for me to be constantly learning and growing. And for my team to be a little bit ahead of their journey, so that we can guide them through the tumultuous waters of small business ownership.


If you could give your 19-yr-old self a piece of advice what would it be?

Just continue to be a dreamer. Continue to not only dream but to actually create a plan and execute on it. So your dreams can come true and always continue to think bigger.

I believe if I was 19 years old and knew that I would still be where I am today. I think one thing small business owners are often missing is not valuing themselves enough.  And discrediting who they are and the value that they bring to others. I would definitely guide my younger self through this and make sure she knew how valuable what she offers really is and how special that is. I was put here for a very unique reason, and my story shaped me into the woman and business owner I am today.

How do you like to start and end your day? Any go-to rituals that you LOVE?

I love to start and end my day by not looking at emails. It’s actually one of the last things I do during the workday. I love to start my day fresh with a stretch, some meditation, some journaling. It helps me get focused so I can show up for my clients. And if I can squeeze in some self-care later in the day, I love a nice sudsy bath or a meditation. Really just zen out for a moment, that’s the end of a perfect day for me.

Who is a Woman Warrior that inspires you?

Lori Greiner from Shark Tank because she resembles a lot of what I do. I am basically the only girl at the conferences or mastermind groups that I am apart of in Financial Services. Which is unfortunate because I don’t believe that women in finance believe enough in themselves to put themselves in those situations.

Yes, we do have the wage gap and discrimination in the workplace but I think that’s only 50% of the issue. I think the other 50% is that some women don’t believe enough to invest in themselves and to put themselves out there in those situations that guys have already done. Lori Greiner has done it. She built something from nothing, she’s world-renowned, she’s an innovator and that’s who I am. I am an innovator, I am always looking for new ways to tackle that record in our marketplace and do what no-one else is doing. We teach advisors all across the country to do what we do so that we can run faster. She inspires me to always strive to be a changemaker in my community.


What is your favourite quote?

“Education without execution is just entertainment” - Warren Buffett

Keep up with Molly on Instagram at @GrubbDynasty

BIG Love,

The GirlTribe Crew

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