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Femme Feature: Natalie Carranceja

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Meet this week’s Femme Feature, Natalie Carranceja! Nat is a British born babe who calls the beautiful mountain town of Whistler home with her fiance Gary. She has a deeeep love for 90s dance parties, puppies and all things Christmas. Nat is an Anxiety and Confidence coach, who helps women take back control of their life, ditch anxiety and empowers them to show up as the most confident, radiant version of themselves.

She has an amazing podcast called The Choosing Confidence Podcast, does transformative 1:1 coaching and runs amaaaazing events both in her community and online. This babe is fearless in sharing her story, passionate about what she does and an absolute JOY to be around! Nat can be found on Instagram at @natalie_carranceja_coaching. 

Now put on your fave 90s jam, have a quick dance party and dive into all the magic that is Natalie!


Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What do you do?

Oooooo I love this question. Well, I am British born and raised with a deep love for 90s music (vengaboys anyone?!) For years I was multi-passionate and had explored the idea of working in theatre, the corporate world and in hairdressing...! But my heart landed on becoming an Anxiety & Confidence Coach. Throughout the years I had cultivated a toxic relationship with Anxiety herself (I often referred to my anxiety as ‘Barb’). Good old Barb took me down some dark paths and caused quite the chaos in my own life until one day I had to make a choice...my ACTUAL relationship with the love of my life or my poopy relationship with Barb. As you can imagine, Barb and I ended our shenanigans and I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I RElearned independence within my relationships (buh-bye codependency), how to step out my comfort zone and created incredible habits that supported my new mindset. I now feel honoured that I am able to guide other strong women who are on a similar journey and show them ways to disempower their own anxiety.

What would you like to see your coaching practice grow into? What is your ultimate dream?

My biggest dream and biggest goal is to host retreats in beautiful countries where women get to experience the absolute freedom to LET GO of the version of themselves that’s holding them back. I do believe bringing women together who share stories with each other is one massively powerful way to remove the feeling of isolation that anxiety & insecurity can bring. There is also one more piece to my dream...I LOVE public speaking and hope to one day host a 1000 women in a huuuge room at an event centred around unleashing their confidence. There’s several different speakers, meditation, yoga, workshops....this idea makes me so excited!!

What is your favourite anxiety management technique that you teach? Why is it so important?

Oh gosh - this is a tough question. I have really developed my techniques at helping women identify their values. I believe once you know these then creating boundaries, saying no and making confident decisions becomes easier. This then acts as a catalyst for independence and really gives women the ability to take back what anxiety stole. This involves lots of journaling, asking tough questions and regular adventures outside the comfort zone! Knowing your values is a GAME CHANGER!


What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

Losing my Dad to suicide. This trauma changed me in so many ways. In the beginning, I was plagued with guilt and blame, then as time went on I developed an intense fear of losing someone I loved. This all seeped into my relationship, I became needy, clingy and codependent - not sexy and very exhausting for us both! Three years ago my relationship hit that painful low as we asked each other “What are we even doing here?” (such a haunting question). I made a pivotal decision in that moment to do everything I could to disempower anxiety and the way she (barb) influenced my behaviours. Happy to report that so far the work I’ve done in my Self has been life changing and we get married in two months - yay!! My experience has taught me SO much, a lot of gratitude comes out of pain...gratitude for all the lessons and hard times that have got me to this place.

If you could have any job in the world, other than being a badass coach, what would it be?

Professional panda cuddler - this is a REAL LIFE job, I just found out!!!

Where can we find you unwinding on your day off?

Usually out for a walk exploring beautiful British Columbia with my other half 💚


What is your favourite quote?

”Your life changes the moment you make a committed decision” - pretty sure it’s a good old Tony Robbins quote (he’s sooooo inspiring!)

Natalie is hosting an amazing FREE online webinar Wildly Confident Decision Making on Saturday, March 28th at 12 pm PST. She will be diving into the 4 secrets of confident decision making, how to learn from bad decisions and her #1 tip to ditch procrastination.

Sign up for this awesome event here: http://bit.ly/2J3rX9O

You can also get Nat’s 30 Days of Confidence Calendar for FREEEE here: bit.ly/2E3T6ns

Keep up with Nat on Instagram at @natalie_carranceja_coaching


BIG Love,

The GirlTribe Crew

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